Formation Body The particles come from particles of fatty acids directly into the digestive tract - to their assimilation. In other words, getting into the body, chitosan "attracts" lipids, connects them, making it unavailable for digestion and removes from the body, thereby preventing the formation of fatty deposits. Scientists call chitosan "a magnet for fat: one molecule of chitosan is able to bind molecules of fat in 8 times its weight. Since chitosan is not digestible and is displayed together with the trapped fat, by itself it is a substance with an inert nutritionally, that is, contains no calories. It is important that the removal of fat from foods activates the formation energy of the already existing body fat, contributing to weight loss and figure correction without loss of muscle strength. Unlike other substances that interfere with the rather coarse fat metabolism, chitosan gently regulates metabolism. Therefore, you can lose weight with maximum comfort. 8 additional arguments in favor of chitosan 1. Reducing the risk of cardio - vascular diseases. First, chitosan lowers cholesterol. Second, chitosan lowers blood pressure. Third, the chitosan derivatives have a marked antioxidant effect and significantly reduce the aggressiveness of free radicals. This helps cleanse and strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve the cardio - vascular system as a whole. 2. Detoxification of the body. Chitosan is able to cleanse the body of the salts of heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium) carcinogens, inducing the development of...

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