Animal Proteins Meat proteins have high biological value, since they have a well-balanced amino acid composition that is closest to the amino acid composition of human proteins. Proteins of meat are used for the construction of its tissues, enzymes, hormones. Due to the high-protein meat and meat products stimulate the growth, sexual maturation, fertility and offspring survival, assimilation of other food components and reduces the overall need for it, activates the metabolism in the human body. Daily requirement of an adult human in the animal protein (50 grams) provides 100 grams of pork fat by 23%, meat - at 29, Bacon - 33, beef or lamb I category - by 33-38 and Category ii Fatness - 40%. Complete proteins (myosin, actin, Myogit, etc.), which include all eight essential amino acids for adults (valine, leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan), constitute the bulk of protein meat of slaughtered animals. Ratio of the three most important essential amino acids - tryptophan, methionine and lysine - the meat corresponds to the formula of balanced nutrition. The relative content of essential amino acids (38-40% of the mass of all proteins) proteins of beef, lamb and pork are not significantly different, but the absolute number (per 100 g edible portion of the product) a few beef exceeds the lamb, and the latter is much greater than the pork, the meat of their low-fat contains more than a stall. High quality protein in the whole carcass found...

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